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  • Acquisition of Certification for General Logistics Companies
  • Completion of Environmental Management System
  • Certification of Domestic & International Safety and Health Management System
  • DPCT certified as 16 consecutive years of no-accidents
  • Accreditation of an excellent freight transport company
  • Acquisition of Certification of Logistics Standard Facility
06775 9rd Floor, Dongwon Industries BLDG, 68 Mabang-Ro Seocho-Gu, Seoul


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Privacy Policy

<Dongwon LOEX> 'Dongwon LOEX Website' (hereinafter referred to as the Company) observes the following processing policies in order to protect the personal information, rights and interests of users, and to smoothly process any grievances of users related to personal information ptursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act.

  1. 1. Purpose of Processing Personal Information
    • (1)The Company processes and uses personal information for the following purposes only, and in the event that the purposes for using personal infor mation are changed, the Company is expected to request prior consent.
      • 1)Handling complaints

        -The Company processes personal information for the purpose of confirming the identity of a complainant, checking a complaint, communicating with and notifying the complainant for fact finding, giving notifications, and where necessary, giving notification of processing results.

  2. 2. Processing and Retention Period for Personal Information
    • (1)The Company processes and retains personal information within the designated period subject to the consent of the principals of the personal information to its use when the personal information is collected during the personal information retention period pursuant to the laws and regulations, or when personal information is collected from those principals of personal information.
    • (2)The personal information processing and retention periods are as follows :
      • 1)Handling complaints 3 years from the date of consent to the collection and use of personal information

        - Relevant laws and regulations: records related to the handling of customer complaints or disputes: 3 years

  3. 3. Delegation for the Processing of Personal Information
    • (1)The company delegates the processing of personal information to a third party as follows to facilitate the management thereof.
      • 1) Operation of a customer service center

        - Required information: name, contact, email address
        - Delegate: Dongwon enterprise
        - Activities to be delegated: Handling of complaints

    • (2)Pursuant to Article 25 of the Privacy Protection Act, when entering into delegation agreements, the Company not only provides specifications in documents such as written agreement provisions related to the prohibition of processing personal information for purposes other than the performance of delegated activities, technical/administrative protective measures, restriction on sub-delegation, management and supervision of the delegate and responsibilities including compensation for damages, but also supervises to ensure that the delegate processes personal information in a safe manner.
    • (3)In changing companies, the Company will inform the principals of personal information of any notifications and personal information processing policies.
  4. 4. Rights, obligations and right exercising methods of the principal of personal information
    • (1)The principal of personal information may exercise the following rights at any time.
      • 1)Reading of personal information
      • 2)Request for correction of personal information where any incorrect information exists
      • 3)Request for deletion of personal information
      • 4)Request for suspension of processing of personal information
    • (2)To exercise the rights in accordance with Paragraph above, a request shall be submitted in writing using Annexed Form No. 8 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the Privacy Protection Act, or via email, facsimile or other available means, and the Company will respond to such request without delay.
    • (3)When the principal of personal information requests the correction or deletion of errors in his or her personal information, the Company will not use or provide such personal information until the correction or deletion is completed.
    • (4)The rights specified in Paragraph
      above may be exercised by proxy, such as by a legal representative of the principal of personal information or a delegate. In this case, a power of attorney in accordance with the Annexed Form No. 11 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the Privacy Protection Act shall be submitted.
  5. 5. Items of personal information to be processed
    • (1) The Company processes the following items of personal information.
      • 1)Handling of complaints

        - Required information: name, contact, email address

      • 2)The following items of personal information may be automatically generated and collected in the process of using the Internet service.

        - type of Internet browser and operating system, search terms, website visited history
        - IP address, time and date of visit, error record, cookies, etc.

  6. 6. Measures to Obtain Personal Information Security
    • (1)The Company takes the following action to obtain the necessary level of security for personal information.
      • 1)Administrative measures : establishment and implementation of internal management plan, regular personnel education, etc.
      • 2)Technical measures : control access to the personal information processing system, installation of an access control system, encryption of identification information, installation of security program
      • 3)Physical measures : control access to the data processing room or data archive
  7. 7. Personal Information Protection Manager
    • (1)The Company has appointed a Personal Information Protection Manger in order to protect personal information and process complaints related to personal information as follows:
      • 1)Personal Information Protection Manger

        - Name : Kang Young Koo
        - lPosition: Managing Director
        - Contact: 02-6363-2703,

        ※ You will be connected to the personal information protection organization.

      • 2)Personal Information Protection Organization Organization

        - Organization name : Management Support Team
        - Person in charge : kwon sun il
        - Contact: 02-6363-2657,

    • (2)The principal of personal information may contact the personal information project manager or organization with any questions, complaints or requests for relief of damages generated while using the services provided by the Company. The Company will provide answers and take necessary action related to the inquiry without delay.
  8. 8. Resolution for Infringement on personal information
    • (1)The principal of personal information may query the organizations listed below about the relief of damages from the infringement of personal information.
      • 1)The principal of personal information may query the organizations listed below about the relief of damages from the infringement of personal information.

        - Activities: receipt of personal information infringement complaints and counseling requests
        - Website:
        - Contact: call 118
        - Address: Korea Internet and Security Agency Privacy Complaint Center, Jungdae-ro 135, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea (ZIP 138-950)

      • 2)Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (operated by Korea Internet and Security Agency)

        - Activities: receipt of requests for personal information dispute mediation, collective dispute mediation (civil settlement)
        - Website:
        - Contact: call 118
        - Address: Korea Internet and Security Agency Privacy Complaint Center, Jungdae-ro 135, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea (ZIP 138-950)

      • 3)Cybercrime Investigation Department at Prosecution Service: 02-3480-3573 (
      • 4)Cyber Terror Response Center at National Police Agency: 1566-0112 (
  9. 9. Changes in Personal Information Processing Policy
    • (1)This personal information processing policy becomes effective on January 1, 2013.

Distribution Logistics

Dongwon LOEX provides advanced high-quality logistics service based on the best-in-country logistics infrastructures, accumulated 3PL experiences, advanced information system, and skilled experts. In addition, Dongwon LOEX operates16 regional logistics centers and assign 3PL exclusive vehicles at each of the centers in order to provide advanced quality service to our customers.

Reliable Distribution Logistics Service

Dongwon LOEX is the first 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company in Korea
Dongwon LOEX provides reliable low temperature logistics service based on accumulated logistics experiences and the largest logistics infrastructure in korea

High Quality

LOEX, based on the experiences and know-hows through more than 500 customers, can offer high quality logistics solution to our customers.

High Quality
Storage Deliver

LOEX establishes best storage/delivery system:
*Room/cold/frozen temperature storage simultaneously
*Delivery within 24 hours nationwide

High Quality
Cold Logistics

LOEX provides the assured temperature control system even during the summer time, through real-time temperature monitoring, state-of-the-art logistics center, and best qualitied vehicles.

Perfect Temperature Control System

LOEX, providing the Korea’s best temperature control system, can satisfy customers and maintain reliability through perfectly temperature controlled transportation infrastructure and temperature monitoring system

Temperature controllable
vehicle infrastructure
To keep the loading dock’s temperature stable, every vehicle is equipped with Twin freezers. and flexibly responds to the volume changes by installing mobile partitions.
In summer, the air cut-off curtain is installed to maintain the temperature of loading dock stable. in winter, warming blanket is utilized to prevent the cargo from being cold damaged.
Temperature Monitoring System
LBS control system is operated on every delivery vehicle to monitor its location and temperature in real time. In addition, SMS is automatically sent according to the reporting system when the temperature exceeds the safety range so that the driver can correct it immediately.
Based on the temperature records sent to the LBS control system, if a temperature changes out of the safe range, it is immediately notified with a warning message from SMS and the onsite status board. The notified vehicle's route and temperature status are trackable in real-time.

High Quality Logistic s System

LOEX's exclusive DLIS (Distribution Information System) provides the systematic logistics management and efficiency

  1. 1
    OMS Order management
    collective order confirmation
    cargo out order based
    stock replenishment / order
    tracing the delivery status of the ordered
  2. 2
    WMS Cargo In/Out / Inventory Management
    warehousing order registration
    warehousing confirmation / housing
    Inventory Registration
    Inventory checking
    Emergency Supplement / Return Inspection
  3. 3
    LDS Transaction Statement Management
    Actual statement checking
    Returned statement checking
    statement printing
  4. 4
    TBS Logistics Cost Settlement Management
    settlement of logistics cost
    settlement of transportation cost
    settlement of unloading cost
  5. 5
    RF Cargo In/Out / Inventory Management
    basic Master registration and checking
    scheduled warehousing information checking
    warehousing confirmation
    releasing order/ confirmation
    issuing of transaction statement/
    picking list
    inventory management
  6. 6
    TMS Transport/Delivery Management
    company/ driver/ vehicle information registration
    transport Route registration
    transport/delivery order registration
    transport/deliver dispatching order
    processing of the undelivered orders
    available vehicles registration

Integrated Channel Management for Customer Service

LOEX assigns an exclusive team for customer satisfaction/service to actively perform as an integrated channel from new opening to stabilization as well as S&OP operation and claim management.

  1. 1
    New Opening
    Mutual Gap Analysis
    Establishment of operation system
    Management of opening schedule management
    Management of input resources
  2. 2
    Management of the non-delivered
    Immediate responding for Issue occurred
  3. 3
    Mutual sharing of the issue to improve
    Key KPI performance checking
    establishment of mutual Win-Win system
  4. 4
    Claim Management
    On /Off-line VOC receipt
    VOC assignment/ processing
    checking for improvement/ action executed.

Rapid and Systematic Claim Management System

Dongwon LOEX resolves claims quickly and systematically through type based response process and In-time solution.

  1. 1
    Claim Occurrence
    Claim received
    (Customer → CS team)
    Claim reported
    (Logistics center → CS team)
  2. 2
    CS Innovation Team
    investigating/ identifying the contents and causes
    Internal report
    Report of claim measures and results of processing
  3. 3
    institutional improvement
    Improving the logistics process
    Troubleshooting problems
  4. 4
    Improvement ofLogistics Process

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